Growing up in Maine, my Grandmother taught me the techniques and skills that I use today in my art. Using these old fashioned techniques, the flowers are preserved while retaining their brilliant color.  Since 1999 I have devoted full time to the creation of my unique artwork using pressed and dried flowers and natural materials.

I decided to move south for the longer growing season and have settled in a lovely spot near Greeneville,Tn.  The next couple of years will be busy with building new gardens and learning about the different Tennessee wildflowers. 


  Growing, pressing the flowers, and creating of the art are all very time consuming so I only sell at a limited number of shows.


The pieces you see here on my website have sold.  I often have similar ones available at the shows.


PLEASE NOTE..I do not take online orders or provide shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS.   I only check my emails and voicemails about once a week.  I have found my art benefits from the reduced stress of keeping my life "mostly unplugged".  Hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows.


My thanks to God for all his blessings.

Show schedule

April 1- 3, 2021  GSACC Easter Show, Convention Ctr,  Gatlinburg Tn      FREE ADMISSION


July 9  - 18, 2021  Gatlinburg Craftsmens Fair, Convention Ctr, Gatlinburg, TN    craftsmensfair.com


October  7 - 24, 2021  Gatlinburg Craftsmens Fair, Convention Ctr, Gatlinburg, TN   craftsmensfair.com


  Nov.  23 - 28, 2021 GSACC Thanksgiving Show,  Convention Ctr, Gatlinburg, TN.   FREE ADMISSION


 Nov. 29 - Dec 5, 2021  GSACC Christmas show, Convention Ctr Gatlinburg, TN FREE ADMISSION